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Captain Tsubasa PS2 Final "Super Campeones Oliver y Benji" PS2 Final Road to World Cup 2002

Captain Tsubasa "Super Campeones" PS2 Japón Jr. vs Alemania Jr.walkthrough part 11 Playlist More videos: Facebook:...

Rilis Bahasa Inggris! - Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team [ENG] Android/iOS

Halo semua, sekarang gw main Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. Wah akhirnya ada juga versi bahasa inggrisnya. Ya ini adalah game Tsubasa yang waktu itu pernah gw mainin dan fitur dari game ini cukup...

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team (English) Android/iOS Gameplay HD

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Game By KLab. (Android/iOS/iPhone/iPad) ▻▻▻SHARE, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE! ◅◅◅ The all-new Captain Tsubasa mobile game is now available!...

Captain Tsubasa Vol II NES (Quarter, Semi & Final playoffs) + Ending

Captain Tsubasa Volume II Super Striker earning the Cyclone Shot: 00:00 - 2:30 Japan vs. Argentina (quarterfinal) 2:31 - 24:30 Intro to the Semi: 24:31 - 26:00 Japan vs. Germany (semifinal)...

Captain Tsubasa: Evolution | 1988 - 2017

Captain Tsubasa is a widely popular soccer anime in Japan. The games go all the way back to the Famicom days culminating in a viral Android/iOS game where players can create their dream team....



NES Longplay [579] Captain Tsubasa Vol.II: Super Striker (Fan Translation) Played by: Reinc Captain Tsubasa 2 is a mix between a turn-based action RPG and a sports simulator. There are various stats for each character, special moves, character...

Adu kaki di udara emang cuma game ini doang KACAU - Captain Tsubasa #8

Subscribe My Channel Watchout Gaming: Like,Comment and Share to Youre Frenz :D WAZUP GUYS! Akhirnya gua melanjutkan lagi main tsubasaaa melawan argentina yang captainnya...

Captain Tsubasa - Super Kickers 2016 Higlights gameplay (Pachinko)

brings nostalgic back.. I want that visuals on pc and a full game with all special abilities and shit.. videos taken from:

Captain Tsubasa パチンコ - 3D Anime Game

Visitez mon blog officiel / Visit my website -- -- Suivez ma page facebook / Follow me on facebook -- -- Ainsi que mon twitter...

NOSTALGIA Sangat! | Captain Tsubasa - Fight Dream Team [JP] Android (Indonesia)

Halo semua, sekarang gw main Captain Tsubasa Fight Dream Team (キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~). Wah ini game bener-bener ngebuat nostalgia terutama yang suka sama...

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team - Transfer 900 ball - Fight, Warrior in Blue - Special

Please like, comment video and subscribe my channel, thanks you! Video game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team.

Captain Tsubasa Get in The Tomorrow PS1 First Hack By Wakashimazu

Captain Tsubasa Get in The Tomorrow PS1 First Hack By Wakashimazu.

Captain Tsubasa PS2 (キャプテン翼) "Super Campeones Oliver y Benji" PS2 Gameplay story mode part 1

Captain Tsubasa "Super Campeones" PS2 Nankatsu vs Othomo walkthrough part 1 Playlist More videos: Facebook:

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